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Property Division

Georgia is an Equitable Division State as opposed to a Community Property State. The theory of equitable division allows the judge or jury to determine what division of marital property is “fair” as opposed to a Community Property state which attempts to divide all marital or community property 50/50. Factors that are taken into consideration in the division of marital property include:

1. Age and health of the parties;

2. Occupation, vocational skill and employability of a party;

3. Duration of the marriage;

4. Contribution or service to the family unit;

5. Debts, liabilities and needs of the party;

6. Amount and source of income of either party;

7. Separate Estate of each party;

8. Opportunity for future acquisition of assets and income;

9. Purpose and intent as it relates to the ownership of any item of property;

10. Economic circumstances at the present time; and

11. Conduct of the parties and causes of the separation.

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